\\“+\ adjective
: partially independent; specifically : semiautonomous

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  • semi-independent — semi independently, adv. /sem ee in di pen deuhnt/, adj. (of a political entity) having substantial self government in regard to local matters but subordinate in such external matters as foreign policy; semiautonomous. [1855 60] * * * …   Universalium

  • semi-independent — adjective Date: 1853 partially independent; specifically semiautonomous …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • Semi-active radar homing — Semi active radar homing, or SARH, is a common type of missile guidance system, perhaps the most common type for longer range air to air and surface to air missile systems. The name refers to the fact that the missile itself is only a passive… …   Wikipedia

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  • Semi-empirical mass formula — In nuclear physics, the semi empirical mass formula (SEMF), sometimes also called Weizsäcker s formula, is a formula used to approximate the mass and various other properties of an atomic nucleus. As the name suggests, it is partially based on… …   Wikipedia

  • Semi-colony — A semi colony is, in Marxist theory, a country which is officially an independent and sovereign nation, but which is in reality very much dependent and dominated by another (imperialist) country. This domination could take different forms… …   Wikipedia

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